1Z0-514: Oracle Database 11g Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-514

Exam Title: Oracle Database 11g Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-514 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Database 11g Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-514
Exam Product Version Oracle Database 11g
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 69
Passing Score 61%
Validated Against This exam is valid for Oracle Database 11gR1 and 11gR2.
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-514 Online Practice Exam
Recommended Training Oracle Database 11g: 2 Day DBA Release 2 (Database and Grids)
Oracle Database 11g: 2 Day DBA (Database and Grids)

Oracle 1Z0-514 Certification Topics:

Oracle Database Implementation
  • Explain the features of security options in Oracle Database 11g
  • Implement edition-based redefinition
  • Explain the grid-enabling features in Oracle Database 11g
  • Explain the enhanced manageability features in Oracle Database 11g
Overview of Oracle Database Administration
  • Describe the structure of a relational database and use of SQL
  • Identify the components of an Oracle instance and database
  • Describe the basic tasks that an Oracle DBA performs
  • Define the tools that are used to administer an Oracle database
Installing and Creating Oracle Database
  • Install the Oracle Database software
  • Create an Oracle database
Using Enterprise Manager Database Control & SQL*Plus
  • Start the Enterprise Manager dbconsole process
  • Access Enterprise Manager Database Control
  • Navigate in Enterprise Manager Database Control
  • Grant Enterprise Manager administrative privileges
  • Use SQL*Plus to access your database
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  • Describe the Oracle Network configuration
  • Use the Enterprise Manager Net Services Administration page for Oracle Network configuration
  • Use the Listener Control utility
  • Configure a client to access an Oracle database
Managing the Oracle Instance
  • Start up and shut down the Oracle instance
  • View the parameters that are used to configure the Oracle instance
  • Manage Oracle instance memory components
Managing Database Storage Structures
  • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager to view database storage structures
  • Create and manage storage structures in your database
  • Reclaim unused space in your database
  • Manage structures used to undo the changes that are made to the database and maintain consistency
Administering Users and Security
  • Create and administer users
  • Grant privileges to users to perform database operations
  • Create and manage roles
Managing Schema Objects
  • Create and modify database tables
  • View data in the database
  • Create additional database objects
  • Load data into tables
Performing Backup and Recovery
  • Configure the database for backup and recovery operations
  • Create and manage database backups
  • Restore and recover the database
  • Use flashback features
Performing Backup and Recovery
  • Describe the Oracle Self-Monitoring Architecture
  • Use the performance advisors to optimize database performance
Investigating,Reporting, and Resolving Problems
  • Use the Support Workbench to view critical error alerts
  • Package diagnostic data for uploading to Oracle Support
Managing Oracle Database Software
  • Keep your Oracle Database software up-to-date with patch and software releases
  • Upgrade a database

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