1Z0-497: Oracle Database 12c Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-497

Exam Title: Oracle Database 12c Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-497 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Database 12c Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-497
Exam Product Version Oracle Database 12c
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 85
Passing Score 70%
Validated Against This exam has been validated against Oracle Database 12c.
Format Multiple Choice
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Oracle 1Z0-497 Certification Topics:

Oracle Database Software
  • Describe the key characteristics of a relational database
  • Summarize locking behavior in an Oracle database
  • Describe the differences between data concurrency and data consistency
  • Describe the various steps of a database transaction
Administration & Configuration
  • Design a database, identify requirements, create the logical design and physical database design
  • Install and configure a database
  • Grant Enterprise Manager administrative privileges
  • Use SQL*Plus and SQL Developer to access your database
Oracle Database 12c New Features
  • Setup a Global Database Service (GDS)
  • Define declarative policies for Oracle Data Redaction
  • Apply best practices for running the ADDM Advisor
Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Implement the various Data Guard configurations available
  • Explain the architectural differences between Data Guard and Active Data Guard
  • Implement the various replication options available to the Oracle database
  • Create an MAA architecture that leverages Active Data Guard and Oracle Golden Gate
  • Choose the appropriate high availability architecture based on various planned and unplanned scenarios
Backup and Recovery
  • Explain general best practices and guidelines for backups on the Oracle database
  • Implement recovery procedures for various failure scenarios
  • Use the Data Recovery Advisor for backup and recovery solutions
  • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager to view database storage structures
  • Apply different strategies for interacting with the database using SQL Developer
  • Describe the EM Cloud Control and EM Express architecture as it relates to the database
  • Manage structures used to undo changes made to the database and maintain data consistency 
Administering Users and Security
  • Create and administer users
  • Grant privileges to users to perform database operations
  • Create and manage roles
Software Installation and Maintenance
  • Install the Oracle database software
  • Locate patches for the Oracle database
  • Apply best practices to patching the database
  • Apply troubleshooting tasks for planned database maintenance
  • View and modify the parameters used to configure the Oracle instance
Oracle Data Structures
  • Articulate the various schema objects in a relational database
  • Perform different index scans and relate them to index types
  • Leverage partitioning in an Oracle database
  • Use the data dictionary and the dynamic performance views
  • Identify the various tools for data movement and analysis
Oracle Database Instance Architecture
  • Define the main components of an Oracle Instance
  • Describe the various stages of a database instance
  • Articulate the various basic memory structures
  • Describe how a block of data is written to the database
  • Articulate the mandatory background processes
Oracle Multitenant Architecture
  • Explain the benefits of multitenant architecture for database consolidation
  • Create a pluggable database (PDB)
  • Articulate the difference between a Container database and a Pluggable database
  • Perform administration tasks on a container database (CDB)
  • Manage processes in a CDB
  • Manage physical and logical structures in a CDB
  • Describe the various storage options for a PDB
Oracle Network Architecture
  • Describe the differences between Shared Server and Dedicated Server architecture as it relates to Oracle Connection Manager
  • Describe the Oracle Database listener architecture
  • Configure and connect to a database service
  • Configure a database listener

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