1Z0-450: Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4 - Developing Web Applications

Exam Number: 1Z0-450

Exam Title: Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4 - Developing Web Applications

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Oracle 1Z0-450 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4 - Developing Web Applications
Exam Code 1Z0-450
Exam Product Version Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX)
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 73
Passing Score 67%
Validated Against This exam has been validated for version 4
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-450 Online Practice Exam
Recommended Training Oracle Application Express Workshop I Ed 2
Oracle Application Express Workshop II Ed 2

Oracle 1Z0-450 Certification Topics:

Introducing Oracle Application Express
  • Identify the components of Oracle Application Express 
  • Create a workspace and a Workspace administrator user
Interacting with the Database by Using  SQL Workshop
  • Use Object Browser to browse, create, and modify objects in the schema 
  • Use Query Builder to create, run, and save SQL queries 
Creating Reports 
  • Describe report types 
  • Create interactive reports 
  • Manipulate your interactive report 
  • Customize your interactive report 
  • Generate reports by using wizards 
Identify the types of forms 
  • Create a form on a table with a report 
  • Create a tabular form 
  • Create a Master-Detail form 
  • Edit your form 
Working with Pages and Regions
  • View page definition 
  • Edit page attributes 
  • Create a new region 
  • View region attributes
Adding Items and Buttons 
  • Create items 
  • Edit item attributes 
  • Create buttons 
  • Edit button attributes 
Understanding Session State and Debugging 
  • Explain how Oracle Application Express implements the session state 
  • Set a session state value 
  • Clear the session state 
  • Review the session state
Including Page Processing 
  • Explain the difference between page rendering and page processing 
  • Create computations for your application 
  • Validate input data 
  • Process data 
  • Create application branching 
Adding Shared Components That Aid Navigation 
  • Include the following shared components in your application:
    • Parent and standard tabs 
    • Navigation bars 
    • Lists 
    • Breadcrumbs 
Adding Other Shared Components
  • Include the following shared components in your application:
    • Lists of values 
    • Trees 
  • Create charts using a wizard 
  • Create a calendar 
  • Create and Use a Dynamic Action
  • Import and Use a Plugin
Working with Themes and Templates
  • Describe themes 
  • Switch to a different theme 
  • Describe templates 
  • View existing templates 
  • Create and edit a template 
Administering Oracle Application Express Workspaces 
  • Create a developer and a workspace administrator user 
  • Request a schema or a storage
Implementing Security 
  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization 
  • Provide an authentication scheme for your application 
  • Create an authorization scheme using Access Control 
  • Enable and configure Session State Protection 
Deploying Your Application
  • Define the supporting objects for your application 
  • Export your application 
  • Import your application 
  • Install the supporting objects
Using Utilities 
  • Generate data definition language (DDL) statements 
Using Application and Page Utilities
  • Use the Advisor to verify your application
  • Manage defaults using the Attribute Dictionary 
Building a Websheet Application
  • Create a Websheet Application
  • Add a Page to a Websheet Application
  • Add and manipulate a Data Grid and Report
  • Add Sections to a Page
  • Share Websheets using an Access Control List
Managing and Maintaining the Application Development Process
  • Track Features, Milestones, Bugs and To Dos
  • Manage Feedback

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