1Z0-050: Oracle Database 11g - New Features for Administrators

Exam Number: 1Z0-050

Exam Title: Oracle Database 11g - New Features for Administrators

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Oracle 1Z0-050 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Database 11g - New Features for Administrators
Exam Code 1Z0-050
Exam Product Version Oracle Database 11g
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 105 minutes
Number of Questions 77
Passing Score 61%
Validated Against The exam has been validated against Oracle® Database 11g Release 2 version
Format Multiple Choice
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Recommended Training Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators Release 2

Oracle 1Z0-050 Certification Topics:

Installation and Upgrade Enhancements 
  • Install Oracle Database 11g
  • Upgrade your database to Oracle Database 11g 
  • Oracle Direct NFS 
  • Use online patching
Storage Enhancements 
  • Setup ASM fast mirror resynch
  • Understand scalability and performance enhancements 
  • Setup ASM disk group attributes 
  • Use various new manageability options  
  • Use the md_backup, md_restore, and ASMCMD extensions
Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements 
  • Creating and using AWR baselines
  • Setting AWR Baseline Metric Thresholds 
  • Control Automated Maintenance Tasks  
  • Using Database Resource Manager New Features 
  • Using new scheduler features
Performance Enhancements 
  • ADDM Enhancements
  • Setup Automatic Memory Management 
  • Enhancements in statistics collection
Partitioning and Storage-Related Enhancements 
  • Implement the new partitioning methods
  • Employ Data Compression 
  • SQL Access Advisor Overview 
  • Create SQL Access Advisor analysis session using PL/SQL
Using RMAN Enhancements 
  • Managing Archive logs
  • Duplicating a Database 
  • Back up large files in multiple sections 
  • Perform Archival Backups 
  • Manage Recovery Catalogs 
  • Create a virtual private catalog for RMAN 
Using Flashback and Logminer 
  • Overview of Flashback Data Archive
  • Manage Flashback Data Archive 
  • Back-out transactions using Flashback Transaction 
  • Working with Logminer
Diagnosability Enhancements 
  • Setup Automatic Diagnostic Repository
  • Use Support Workbench 
  • Run health checks 
  • Use SQL Repair Advisor 
Database Replay 
  • Overview of Workload Capture and Replay
  • Using Workload capture and replay
Using the Data Recovery Advisor 
  • Overview of Data Recovery Advisor
  • Repairing data failures using Data Recovery Advisor 
  • Perform proactive health check of the database
Security: New Features 
  • Configure the password file to use case sensitive passwords
  • Encrypt a tablespace 
  • Configure fined grained access to network services 
Oracle SecureFiles
  • Use Secure File LOBS to store documents with Compression, Encryption, De-duplication, Caching
  • Use SQL and PL/SQL APIs to access Secure File LOBS 
Miscellaneous New Features 
  • Describe and use the enhanced online table redefinition
  • Enhanced finer grained dependency management 
  • Use Enhanced DDL - Apply the improved table lock mechanism, Create invisible indexes 
  • Use Query Result Cache and PL/SQL Result Cache 
  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing 
  • Temporary Tablespace Enhancements
SQL Performance Analyzer 
  • Overview of SQL Performance Analyzer
  • Using SQL Performance Analyzer
SQL Plan Management 
  • SQL Plan Baseline Architecture
  • Set up SQL Plan Baseline 
  • Using SQL Plan Baseline
Automatic SQL Tuning 
  • Setup and modify Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Interpret reports generated by Automatic SQL Tuning
Using the Database Resource Manager
  • Understand and configure the Database Resource Manager

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